Guidelines For Oxford Style Of Referencing
There are many styles of referencing, and Oxford referencing is one of them. It is a kind of format used for the citation of sources. If you are not familiar with this style, you can use only Oxford referencing tools. These online tools are free and made following the guidelines of Oxford referencing.Before you get yourself an online referencing generator, let's look at the policies you have to follow.
  • In Oxford referencing guide, a superscript should be added to the text where the reference source has to be mentioned.
  • A new number is used for every citation in Oxford referencing system.
  • References are cited in numerical order alphabetically.
  • It consists of two parts. One is an in-text citation, and the other is a reference list at the end known as the Oxford bibliography.
  • The in-text citation gives the readers some information. The majority of it is mentioned in the end.
  • The superscript, along with a note with information, should be mentioned at the bottom.
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  • In Oxford referencing system, the author’s name should be mentioned, or their initials should be written before the last word.
  • Quotes used under 30 words are enclosed in inverted commas followed by a footnote which gives information about the source.
  • The first letter of the Authors name, books, journal or papers should be in the capital.
  • If the same author's work is mentioned more than once, then the author's last name should be used.
  • All the references are always arranged in alphabetical order.
  • The author who has more than work are arranged based on their publishing year.
  • Name of author, books, journal paper or year of publishing can be mentioned in footnotes.

Anyone who wants to add references to their work can use this. It can be used by author’s, students and writers too. Oxford referencing style is used primarily in books, journals, music, websites, and any assignment writing help form.  These were the basic guidelines that have to be followed if you are using the Oxford style of referencing.

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