How Can One Delete TurboTax Account Instantly?

TurboTax account deletion can be done away with by following through a few steps. Users usually do their account to be deleted when they feel the installed software is corrupted with the data, and they want complete removal of the program associated with their accounts. But somewhere around, most of the users are being stuck with the process. 

Here, in this post, our team has been rounded up quick guidelines that can teach you how to delete TurboTax account at its best. 

Quick Guidelines to Remove TurboTax User Account  

Step 1: To start with the process, the “My Returns” link is the one you should get through. 
Step 2: Next is to select the “My Account” option, and then choose the “Clear and Start Over” option in a specific section. 
Step 3: Click the “OK” button to proceed further into the next step. 
Step 5: Now, choose your account associated with the ID and delete your account in the help box. Alternatively, you can select the product from the drop-down menu and then choose a version for the product.
Step 6: Keep on going with the “Continue” button. 
Step 7: Some of the information you’ll be asked to provide the information mentioned on the page, such as name, address, and so on. 
Step 8: In order to get the confirmation, you need to wait until the TurboTax service would approve the process. 

These are the steps by which anyone looking for how to delete TurboTax account can easily remove the account he’s been registered with. 

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